6 Months Silver Warranty with every car

We include a 6 month warranty with every car as part of our Service Support Package

Warranties 2000

Even though we do everything possible to prepare our vehicles to the highest of standards prior to a customer taking delivery - but nobody can foresee the unexpected which can ruin even the best planned motoring budget. The Silver Warranty is designed to ensure that in the unlikely event of a breakdown, you will experience minimal inconvenience to yourself. Any repairs can be carried out in any VAT registered garage in the UK or at our own Redgate Lodge Service Centre.

Any warranty claims are welcomed at the Redgate Lodge Service Centre, we can carry out claims up to £500 without authorisation from our warranty provider. All our parts are covered under manufactures warranty, these parts including the vehicles service details are safely stored on our computer data system.

Components Protected - Silver

  • Engine: All components contained within the cylinder block head, including pistons, rings, crankshaft, big end bearing, manifolds, rocker, assembly, timing chains, timing gears, distributor drive.
  • Gearbox: All components contained within either manual or automatic transmissions including gears, bearings, clutches.
  • Clutch: All components including clutch plate, clutch cover, thrust bearing and or release bearing.
  • Differential: All components including gears, pinions, bearings and shafts.
  • Drive Shafts: All components including gears, pinions, bearings and shafts.
  • Brakes: All components including servo units, cylinders and valves.
  • Steering: All components on steering system including power steering units, rams, pumps, reservoirs and steering box.
  • Suspension: All components including control arms, bushings, ball joints and pins.
  • Bearings: All components including wheel bearing, seals, hubs and flanges.
  • Cooling System: All components including radiator, matrix, water pump, head gasket and thermostat.
  • Ventilation: All components including heater assembly vents, tubes and controls.
  • E.C.U: All components including solid state control units, triggering units and distributor coil.
  • Electrics: All components covered including motors, solenoids, relays, alternator, starter motor, switches and computers.
  • Fuel System: All components including fuel pump, carurettor, sender units, gauges, air flow meters, accumulator fuel distributor and regulators.
  • Air Conditioning: All components including compressors, pumps and reservoirs.
  • Locks: All components including regulators, handles, locks and catches.
  • Seals: All major oil seals and gaskets.