Redgate Lodge
Redgate Lodge

Looking to sell your car?
Bye Buy Motors will buy your car

We don’t buy every car
We only sell the best - so we only choose the best
We only respond to enquiries if your car has:

We buy cars with...

  • Low Owners
  • Low mileage cars
  • No Mechanical Faults
  • Excellent Bodywork
  • 10 Years Old or Less
  • Less than 80,000 miles

We don't buy...

  • High mileage cars
  • Cars with no service history
  • Accident damage cars
  • Neglected cars
  • We don't buy cars under 3 years old

Redgate Lodge

We take the hassle out of selling privately plus we have a network of industry contacts looking to pay good prices for your vehicle.

We will settle any outstanding finance
We can collect from your work or home
We will pay you bank transfer same day