Here at Redgate Lodge, our full on-site service and repair centre services the Tyne & Wear area. When it comes to exhausts, we give you the benefits of a pleasant, peaceful and environmentally friendly driving experience by taking good care of your exhaust.

Knowing your exhaust

With years of industry specific experience, we understand how the exhaust plays a crucial role in the maintenance and upkeep of your car. Working diligently to discard toxic fumes, it's vital for decreasing the sound-pollution produced during the engine's combustion process. Keeping the engine's toxic emissions to a minimum is a job that your catalytic converter or diesel particulate filter will deal with.

When things go wrong

Detecting and repairing problems with your exhaust is something we do quickly and efficiently at Redgate Lodge. Common issues involve the corrosion of the exhaust, especially for cars clocking up frequent lower mileage journeys.

Other issues with your exhaust relate to the health of your catalytic converter or diesel particulate filter. When regular servicing of your vehicle is neglected, blockages can occur. It's worth noting that excessive and prolonged damage leads to costly repairs. Offering competitive prices to suit your budget, our full on-site service and repair centre can help you keep your car running smoothly and more efficiently for longer.

Why choose Redgate Lodge?

Specialists in used cars based in Newcastle upon Tyne, customer care is something that is paramount to us, so we give a high quality service at extremely affordable prices. We offer economical and customer focused finance packages, giving you more freedom of choice for your vehicle maintenance.

Joining our Premier Members Club (free when you book a Gold Service) gives you bargain prices on MOTs as well as unbeatable freebies, including: free diagnostics, free puncture repairs, complimentary mini valets with every service or repair, winter tyre swaps, battery checks, and exhaust emission checks. On top of this, we offer outstanding discounts on alloy wheel repair, body work repair and dent removals.

Along with our great discounts and attentive level of service, we also offer innovative free online video vehicle reports, emailed directly to you. Our evidence based approach to repairs and maintenance ensures greater transparency - you can trust us to get your car in perfect working order again.