Service & Repair

Bodyshop Cramlington

For a quick and professional car repair near Cramlington, visit Redgate Lodge first for a great price! Bumping your car can be extremely embarrassing, sometimes it's completely out of your control but your still left with an unsightly scratch. Visit Redgate Lodge today for a quick and discreet car repair, we'll have your car back to showroom standard in no time leaving no evidence of the blemish!

We pride ourselves on our exceptional work and fair prices, from basic touch-ups to minor scratches, our state of the art showroom is fully equipped to deal with any car repairs you need!

Make an appointment via our online booking form and let our team assess the damage and give you a fair quote! A scratch to your paintwork can be unsightly, however it can lead to further problems down the road such as rust. Avoid these issues before they arise and have a factory fresh looking car by visit Redgate Lodge near Cramlington today!